Remodeling and Rebuild Work

We're Your Business Remodeling and Rebuilding Contractor

Need to update, renovate, or repurpose an existing building, lot or space? Are you starting from scratch on a new-to-industry site? JEB is your business remodeling contractor. We’ll bring your plans for your re-imagined spaces, fixtures and features to life. Whether we’re razing an existing facility to constructing a brand new one or giving new life to an aging or outdated building, we’ll deliver your high-quality project on time and on budget. 

Looking for a Convenience Store Remodeling Company?

JEB has more than 20 years’ experience in convenience store remodeling and gas/service station upgrades.

Why JEB?

We’re Cost-Competitive.

Our low overhead and the fact that we do our own shoring, piping, and tank installation, site work and excavation, masonry, and electrical work helps us control costs.

We’re Quality-Focused.

We have a strong reputation for high-quality work and for getting the job done right the first time.

We’re Schedule-Driven.

Performing our own key trade services gives us supreme control over project schedules.

We’re Safety-Minded.

We place a high priority on worker, site, and customer safety.

We’re Hardworking.

We’re willing to travel and we’re committed to working the long hours necessary to finish your project in an expedited timeframe.

We’re Responsive to Our Clients.

We’re here to serve you. That means we’re flexible in accommodating whatever you need for your project.

JEB Specializes in:

  • Gas/Service Station Construction
  • Convenience Store Construction
  • Above and Underground Fuel Storage Tank Installation, Replacement and Removal
  • Remodeling/Rebuilds
  • Full-Service Site Work
  • Foundations for Above Ground Storage Tanks